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Pantry Organization Inspiration

I'm on a mission to organize my pantry - my very small pantry and there are a couple of things I need to keep in mind, so I've headed over to Instagram for some inspiration.

Firstly, I need to have a shelf of easily accessible kids' snacks, especially for the start of school. I make their sandwiches for pack lunches, but let them add whatever snacks they want.

Also, my husband is gluten-free and has a lot of health supplements he likes to take. So I need a dedicated area for all of his stuff.

In an ideal world, I would have a gorgeously massive pantry like this - complete with a ladder for my short legs to reach the higher shelves!

Sadly, I don't. My pantry is basically one cupboard, which is actually plenty of room. I really love the look of this smaller pantry organization.

It's so organized and everything is easy to see and grab. I love the pull-out sections for deeper storage as well. The clear containers work well too so that you can easily see if you're getting low on something. I'm always buying double of things since I keep my pantry items in their original packaging, so keeping things in clear containers would definitely help with that.

How gorgeous is this pantry with the wicker baskets? I love the look of wicker accessories in a home and have loved watching 'Scandish Home' on YouTube. She decorates with a lot of natural fibers and her home always looks so peaceful and calming.

Here's another small pantry that really maximizes the space by using tiered lazy round shelves on the bottom shelf to house canned items and sauces. Again they have stored items in clear containers so they easily see what they have on hand to make mealtimes easier.

The same goes for this pantry. Sometimes it is hard to store the smaller packets of things, like rice packets etc. They have stored them upright in clear bins for easy accessibility and placed cans on their side in clean bins as well. Love it.

Finally, I love the look of these wooden boxes to keep like items stored together. The spices stored on the side would really work for fast access and I love how the wooden boxes are big enough to store chips, pretzels, and other larger bags of goodies.

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