• Suzy Stone

One Small Step is All it Takes!

Sometimes in life, we feel like we have to go big, or go home! It's not the case. Sometimes the biggest achievements or changes can happen when we just take one small step each day until that small step becomes a habit. Before you know it, that small step will have a knock-on effect for other beneficial changes to kick into place.

Getting our homes in order can seem really daunting and overwhelming. I mean, who hasn't

looked around their home at times and thought to themselves 'where on earth do I start?'

I say, start small. Decide on one thing you're going to do every day until it becomes a habit. It can be as simple as making your bed each morning, wiping out the bathroom sink, doing one load of laundry, or just making sure the dishes are done each day. I promise you, that one small step - once it becomes a habit - will lead to other small steps until cleaning the house doesn't seem like a Mount Everest of a challenge.

I hate - I mean hate housework - but I like having a house that is relatively tidy. To help me keep on top of the housework I like to stick to a quick list of daily tasks that include:

  • Making the bed each morning

  • Doing one load of laundry

  • Loading the dishwasher and emptying it

  • Wiping the kitchen counters

  • Checking the bathrooms and giving them a quick wipe

  • Doing a quick vacuum of the main living area

For the rest of the housework, I love to follow CleanMama's cleaning routine. She splits everything up so that you follow one task each day. Sometimes I'll lump a couple of tasks into one day depending on what I have going on during the week. I've found her routine the easiest for me to do as I don't get bored! What do you do each day to stay on top of the housework?

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