• Suzy Stone

Feeling Overwhelmed? It's Time to Reset!

Earlier this year someone challenged me to a "No Spend" month. Since I'm known for having a penchant for shopping - bags, in particular - everyone laughed when I said I would give it a go. I lasted (miraculously) for 8 weeks. Then I caved.

It was Mother's Day and my husband gave me a gift card to my favorite store. That was all it took. Gift card in hand I toddled off giddily to get my "fix" and from that point on my "No Spend" challenge quickly disintegrated.

Since then I've carried on shopping occasionally and accumulating more stuff and the result has left me feeling overwhelmed, scattered, and unsatisfied.

Looking back on those 8 weeks of no shopping I can honestly say I felt lighter, less anxious, more content, and relaxed. I want that feeling back.

Taking a look around my house I realize we have so much stuff. I have enough handbags to switch out daily for a good couple of months, and my home has become a junkyard for toys, clothes, accessories, home decor, kitchen stuff, and other items we rarely use.

I'm feeling claustrophobic, anxious, and scattered and I need a change. This blog is my way of documenting my journey towards a calmer home so that if I start to fall off the wagon I can come back and revisit why I wanted to make such a change.

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